AutoQuery/Ormlite date format

Given that poco/response type property

	public string MyResponseDate { get; set; }

“myDbDate” db column is a DateTime(SqlServer)

how can I modified the built-in string conversion?

Is there any attribute to customize the “date to string formatting” to have it “yyyy-MM-dd”?

There isn’t, but you should be able to have a computed property, e.g:

[IgnoreDataMember] //ignore in serialization
public DateTime MyResponseDate { get; set; }

public string FormattedDate
    get { return MyResponseDate.ToString("yyyy-MM-dd"); }

just a clarification about the attributes: since my class already use DataContract and DataMember for those property I’d like to include within the output, I don’t think I need to use the IgnoreDataMember attribute on the property that maps the db field, I could simply do not use DataMember on it.

Sure, any of the ignore property serialization options will do.