AutoQuery Return Object Issue

Just started using AutoQuery and have a few comments.

  • It appears that when using AutoQuery Service Data Source, a collection returned in the response object must be named “Results” or it generates a UI error?

  • If AutoQueryViewer does not have an icon property a missing link is seen in Chrome Developer Console

  • Is there any way to assign a click action to a field? We have a Blob field contains JSON, that I want to prettyprint in a popup. Could I just replace the value of the field with HTML that contains an <A HREF> Any better way?

  • Is there any way to change the underlying javascript in the templates that are used to build the Admin UI? If not i guess I could just download the Admin UI package and make my own version?

Thanks again for the help!

The AutoQuery Admin UI only handles AutoQuery Services which should all be returning a QueryResponse<T> which contains the Results property.

The Admin UI is only customizable with metadata, it’s not customizable with behavior, you can clone the Admin project if you want to make customizations. The ServiceStack.Admin.Web is used for development of the feature whilst we use build.bat script to copy the generated output into the ServiceStack.Admin which are included as embedded resources and what is published in the ServiceStack.Admin NuGet package.

Any thoughts on this? Thanks

You would maintain your own Admin UI for for any custom behavior, at which point you have control over how the UI is rendered. React allows displaying raw HTML using the dangerouslySetInnerHTML attribute.