Autoquery : Returning Nested Related Results (Reference Support)

Hi … is there any kind of customization on the Autoquery reference support ? (that is one single fk by convention)

In my case I have I have a child table that i’d need to filter by an additional field (coming from the request) in addition to the parent field pk values.

Thank you

You can join Table1 and Table2 by deriving from IJoin<Table1,Table2> interface and use {Table2}.{FieldName} to filter resulting data.

More info about join and filter matching in AutoQuery you can find in AutoQuery docs:

Thank you for your answer, but I want a graph with parent objects and there child objects, not a flat joined object (this is what IJoin does, as far as I have understood).

Joining tables is how to query fields on joined tables. AutoQuery only supports returning parent/child references that follow OrmLite’s POCO Reference Conventions.