AutoQuery Viewer: Use Title instead of Request DTO on side menu

Is it possible to display a Title (set by the AutoQueryViewer attribute) instead of the Request DTO on the side menu of AutoQuery Viewer? My Request DTOs are descriptive enough, but the menu would certainly look nicer if I used titles instead. Is there another attribute I can use to mark things up?

I should clarify that this is in the Admin UI (the iPad viewer seems to use title already).

There wasn’t before but I added the Name property on the [AutoQueryViewer] metadata attribute which you can use to override the Name displayed in the left SideBar in this commit. This change is available from v5.0.3 that’s now available on MyGet.

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Thanks, as always, mythz!

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I don’t see the new field in [AutoQueryViewer]. (I’ve flushed my packages per your guide). Something not sync up on the MyGet side?

If you had v5.0.3 you’ll need to clear your NuGet cache:

$ nuget locals all -clear

Then delete the /packages folder and restore the NuGet packages again.

Yeah, I cleared the cache. I even downloaded ServiceStack.Interfaces.5.0.3.nupkg outside of VS and inspected it with dotPeek. [AutoQueryViewer] doesn’t show the Name property yet.

Apologies I needed to have rebuilt the main ServiceStack repo again after building the common libraries CI project.

I’ve confirmed v5.0.3 on MyGet has the latest version. You’ll need to clear your NuGet cache again to fetch the latest version.

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All good now, thanks!

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