Autoquery with array of int times out


i have a query that works fine using autoquery.
I have a field called StatusId which i query using ?StatusIds=1,2,3,4,5,6

It works fine until i add one more status, then i runs very long before it times out.
It doesnt matter what Id i add (for example 0 which doesnt exists it still times out).

If i just have maximum 6 statusids it works, but when i add one more it crashes.

Is this any known error?


 "ResponseStatus": {
"ErrorCode": "Win32Exception",
"Message": "The wait operation timed out",
"StackTrace": "[BookingQuery: 2017-05-01 20:02:19]:\n[REQUEST: {BookingStart:1753-01-01,BookingEnd:2017-05-01T19:53:02.2500000+02:00,CreatedFrom:1753-01-01,CreatedTo:9999-12-31T23:59:59.9970000+01:00,CompanyBookings:False,StatusIds:[1,2,3,4,5,0,6],IncludeCustomFields:False,IncludeCustomFieldValues:False,IncludeBookedResourceTypes:False,IncludeCompanyInformation:True,IncludeServiceInformation:True,IncludeCustomerInformation:False,IncludeLog:False,IncludeCalendarExportStatus:False}]\nSystem.ComponentModel.Win32Exception (0x80004005): The wait operation timed out",
"Errors": []


We wont be able to tell anything without a repro but that Win32Exception is extremely odd, it suggests a low-level unexpected internal error.

I’m assuming the database can’t handle the query that’s generated, how many status Ids are we talking about?

Hi Mythz,

it’s only 7 when it crahses, if i use 6 it works.

Regards Kristian