BackgroundMqService Stats

Is there a way to get queue stats (looking for length, published vs ack’d) from this implementation in a DTO of some kind?

I see the use case for redis and I see the MessageHandler class but I don’t see a way to get the message handler back after registering?

Did you see the MQ Status section in the Background MQ docs?

It shows an example BackgroundAdminServices you can add to get info and stats about each queue.

yes but its not a DTO its text.

I’ve added some additional APIs to expose more structured Background MQ stats in this commit.

So you can get info on the Queue Collection for a specific DTO Type with:

var bgService = (BackgroundMqService)container.Resolve<IMessageService>();
var mqCollection = bgService.GetCollection(typeof(Poco));
Dictionary<string, long> statsMap = mqCollection.GetDescriptionMap();

This returns the text info that mqCollection.GetDescription() returns in a structured Dictionary of stats with the keys:

  • ThreadCount
  • TotalMessagesAdded
  • TotalMessagesTaken
  • TotalOutQMessagesAdded
  • TotalDlQMessagesAdded

The dictionary also includes each the snapshot counts in each queue in the MQ Collection, e.g:

  • mq:Poco.inq
  • mq:Poco.priorityq
  • mq:Poco.outq
  • mq:Poco.dlq

You can also now get Stats of each MQ Worker, there can be multiple workers for each MQ which you can get with:

IMqWorker[] workers = bgService.GetWorkers(QueueNames<Type>.In);
List<IMessageHandlerStats> stats = workers.Map(x => x.GetStats());

And combine them with:

IMessageHandlerStats combinedStats = stats.CombineStats();

This change is available from v5.4.1 that’s now available on MyGet.

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Fantastic, that is amazing, thank you!