Beginners tutorial for core

Is there any beginners tutorial for creating web services using service stack and core.


There’s a getting started section in the docs which walks through creating a Service and explaining how it works along with some background concepts.

To create a .NET Core App you’d start with one of the, e.g. the web template is an empty .NET Core App that adopts ServiceStack’s recommended physical project structure. Coincidentally the .NET tool to install it is also called web. To create a project install the web tool and use web new {TemplateName} {ProjectName} to create the project, e.g:

$ dotnet tool install -g web

$ web new web ProjectName

For a description of the other .NET Core Templates available see the Available Project Templates in the docs or you can view the list the available templates by running:

$ web new

Browsing the source code of the available .NET Core Apps is also a great way to familiarize yourself with ServiceStack.