Binu Thayamkery - 0 - Feb 24, 2015

Demis, Our stripe integration is broken in production!! Anything changed recently? Ver 4.0.36 - Please help!

            var customer = gateway.Post(new CreateStripeCustomer
                AccountBalance = 10000,
                Card = new StripeCard
                    Name = “Test Card”,
                    Number = “4242424242424242”,
                    Cvc = “123”,
                    ExpMonth = 1,
                    ExpYear = 2016,
                    AddressLine1 = “1 Address Road”,
                    AddressLine2 = “12345”,
                    AddressZip = “City”,
                    AddressState = “NY”,
                    AddressCountry = “US”,
                Description = “Description”,
                Email = "",
This test, now return error - details below:
‘Unknown’ is not a supported source object.

   at ServiceStack.Stripe.StripeGateway.Send(String relativeUrl, String method, String body)
   at ServiceStack.Stripe.StripeGateway.Send[T](IReturn1 request, String method, Boolean sendRequestBody)<br>&nbsp; &nbsp;at ServiceStack.Stripe.StripeGateway.Post[T](IReturn1 request)
   at Nepris.Subscription.Stripe.Tests.TestsBase.CreateCustomer() in c:\Project-Nepris-v2\nepris-solution\Nepris.Subscription.Stripe.Tests\TestsBase.cs:line 23
   at Nepris.Subscription.Stripe.Tests.StripeGatewayChargeTests.Can_Charge_Customer() in c:\Project-Nepris-v2\nepris-solution\Nepris.Subscription.Stripe.Tests\StripeGatewayChargeTests.cs:line 22

Yeah it looks like Stripe turned on extra validation which broke some existing requests. It should work with the latest v4.0.38 of ServiceStack.Stripe that was just released.

Binu Thayamkery:

Can I just update ServiceStack.Stripe to v4.0.38 ? Any other dependencies?

You don’t want to mix package versions but since its only a single file you can just drop in the source code and use that instead:

Binu Thayamkery:

good idea :slight_smile: Thanks