Binu Thayamkery - 2 - Feb 27, 2015

I get this error “ExecuteReader requires the command to have a transaction when the connection assigned to the command is in a pending local transaction.  The Transaction property of the command has not been initialized” - I started a transaction and gets this error when I do a select -  code snippet looks like this:
using (var db = DbConnectionFactory.Open())
                var tday = DateTime.Now;
                var trans = db.BeginTransaction();
                    UserSubscription subscription = userSubscription;
                    List<UserSubscription> userSubscriptions = db.Select<UserSubscription>(s => s.SubscriberId == subscription.SubscriberId && s.SubscriptionPackageId == subscription.SubscriptionPackageId);
                    if (userSubscriptions.Any())

Any clue?

You need to use OpenTransaction, e.g:

Binu Thayamkery:

Whats the difference between begintransaction and opentransaction ? I swear begintransaction used to work :slight_smile:

Binu Thayamkery:

Thanks anyways…all good now.

BeginTransaction is ADO.NET’s API, OpenTransaction is OrmLite’s managed API for opening a transaction, one of the differences is that it attaches it to the DB commands created within a transaction, preventing this error :slight_smile:

Binu Thayamkery:

Thanks Demis for answering my naive question - I should have just looked up the code - It was easier to just ask you :slight_smile: