Blank pages with 4.5.10 and Signed Assemblies

I have a problem since updating my projects from SS 4.5.8 to 4.510.

My projects are signed assemblies - so I need to use the signed SS nuget packages. When I reference those, the meta data page does not display anything. This worked in 4.5.8.

As a repro, I created a new project in VS 2015 - using the Service Stack Self Host Empty template. Running this and it works fine.

However, changing all the nuget packages to their signed equivalent, cleaning, building and running I get a blank page in my browser.

What am I doing wrong?

Looking into it now, we converted all projects to the new VS2017 MSBuild format that somewhere along the way has affected Signed packages.

ok the .Signed projects were missing a <RootNamespace/> to specify what namespace the EmbeddedResources used. This is now resolved with this commit, available from v4.5.11 that’s now on MyGet.

We’ll publish a new v4.5.12 fix release on NuGet in a couple of days so we can fix any more reported issues.

Thanks - the 4.5.11 from MyGet resolved those issues. However - I have uncovered an identical issue with ServiceStack.Api.OpenApi.Signed - using this signed package and the Swagger UI will 404 - but the unsigned package (ServiceStack.Api.OpenApi) works ok.

Crap missed adding <RootNamespace/> to those packages, all .Signed should now be resolved with latest v4.5.11 now available on MyGet, since you already have 4.5.11 installed you’ll need to clear your NuGet cache to download the latest packages.

Thanks - all working now.

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