Blaž Miheljak - 63 - Sep 8, 2014

Demis, it looks like, there has been a slight version/compilation mixup on the nuget.
All packages (that I checked), looks like they have been compiled on 19.8, except for Api.Swagger, which looks like from 3.9., but all have version 4.0.31.
The problem arises, when using Swagger, I get:
Could not load type ‘ServiceStack.Host.MetadataTypeExtensions’ from assembly ‘ServiceStack, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null’.","StackTrace"

And if check the ServiceStack.dll (v 4.0.31) it really doesn’t contain the mentioned class - it has been added to git on 31.8. only…

I don’t understand, what do the 19.8, 3.9 and 31.8 numbers you’re mentioning mean?

John Watson:

Perhaps he’s referring to days/dates, e.g. 19 Aug and 31 Aug?

Blaž Miheljak:

Yes, these are dates

What do you mean by ‘looks like’, i.e. where are you getting the Dates from? I don’t see any dates embedded in the metadata and I’ve just tried pulling down v4.0.31 NuGet packages which all come down fine and uses the current date. v4.0.31 packages were published on 3rd Sept, so I’m not sure where you’re getting the earlier dates from, are you sure you don’t have old packages from MyGet?

Blaž Miheljak:

My bad - I had previously downloaded 4.0.31 from MyGet which somehow prevented update from Nuget, which I explicitly initiated… Fixed now.
So lesson learned, before updating, disable MyGet source.

Yeah NuGet will only pull newer packages with a later version number, so you’ll need to delete the /packages folder to ensure the latest NuGet packages are pulled again.

Blaž Miheljak:

oh, we just crossposted. Thanks for looking into it…
And yes, “looks like” was there because I couldn’t believe, that what I’m seeing is possible :slight_smile: