Blazor handle errors

Hi, in blazor wasm template there is a yellow error message shown at bottom of page.

when use other frontend tech we can use global error handler handle all ajax requests.

how can i do it with blazor? something like globalResponseFilter…

You can control the UI layout of Blazor Errors in the #blazor-error-ui section in your template, e.g:

There’s no global handlers for handling all HTTP Calls, but ServiceStack.Blazor Component API, i.e. that use ApiAsync can be intercepted in BlazorConfig.OnApiErrorAsync, that’s configured in your Program.cs, e.g:

    OnApiErrorAsync = (request,apiError) => 
        BlazorConfig.Instance.GetLog()?.LogDebug("\n\nOnApiErrorAsync(): {0}", apiError.Error.GetDetailedError());
        return Task.CompletedTask;

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