Blazor-WASM Project - McAfee detects Trojan. False positive?


If get a brand new WASM project by using: x new blazor-wasm ProjectName

then set the Publish settings to Self-contained win-x64 the following two files are detected as trojans by McAfee Endpoint Security in the published folder:

wwwroot\_framework\System.Text.Json.dll (v6.0.121.56705 281KB)
wwwroot\_framework\System.Private.Runtime.InteropServices.JavaScript.dll (v6.0.121.56705 20.5KB)

Is this a false positive?

My nuget package source is:

Thank you.

These aren’t ServiceStack .dll’s included in any ServiceStack package, they’re core .NET .dll’s included in the default .NET install.

You can report this issue to the .NET team although I don’t expect they’ll be able to do much about it.

Hi @mythz,

I thought thought maybe the ServiceStack template was downloading a specific version that had this issue but I have just tried it with a plain Blazor WASM template and it has the same issue.

I will try to contact the .NET team but like you say, I won’t get my hopes up.

Thank you.