Bruce Cowan - 123 - Mar 17, 2014

When I try to use signed ServiceStack assemblies with OrmLite and SqLite, I can’t get things to compile because there is no OrmLite.SqLite signed assembly. Things are OK with Oracle and SQL Service because there are signed OrmLite assemblies for them.

Yeah there aren’t any signed packages for Sqlite. The signed packages are kept down to the essentials packages, I’ll look into creating one for Win/Sqlite as well.

Bruce Cowan:

Thanks! This is blocking me right now.

You’re wanting to use the ServiceStack.OrmLite.Sqlite.Windows package right?

Bruce Cowan:

Yes, that is the package I use. I’m also wondering if it is going to work because SqLite itself isn’t signed.

Everything needs to be signed, but it looks like System.Data.Sqlite is signed? or are you looking at another dll?

Bruce Cowan:

You are quite right, I don’t know what I looked at before, because System.Data.SQLite.dll is the one I need. My bad there.

FYI, latest v4.0.13 was just deployed, it includes a new Sqlite.Windows.Signed build:

Bruce Cowan:

Thanks, that’s really great, and it lets me continue. Unfortunately, I didn’t notice that in the rest of our product we are including ServiceStack.logging.log4net and there isn’t a signed version of it. I’ve now looked at all the ServiceStack dlls we’re using to make sure I didn’t miss any others.

ok but there wont be another release for a while, I’d recommend instead copying the 2 src files for the Log4Net adapter and add it to your own proj:

Bruce Cowan:

Oops, when I used NuGet to get the SqLite.Windows.Signed package, the dll is named ServiceStack.OrmLite.Oracle.dll, which seems rather wrong.

Sigh, lame copy + paste error, rebuilding the packages now…

This is now on MyGet: