Bruce Hunter - 310 - Feb 21, 2014

How do I make XML not be case sensitive? 

You can’t, XML is case sensitive.

Bruce Hunter:

Roger, I should know that

Fredrick Lackey:

A common (and often abused) technique is to have two attributes… one for display purposes and one for searching.  For example, if you were to log your file system using XML, you might have a node, called “File”, with two separate attributes for the name:

<file id=“123” name=“windows” name_display=“Windows” />

Stephen Brannan:

Demis is right, you can’t make xml case insensitive… Though you can query the xml in the DOM using xpath and force a case insensitive xpath query. It’s messy but here’s a forum post on how to do it…

Bruce Hunter:

Thanks guys, I left it as is and documented it