Bruce Hunter - 47 - Oct 14, 2014

ServiceStack vs RemObjects

I have been using ServiceStack on all new .net projects. Another developer who is older and has been at the company longer is trying to push RemObjects in replace of ServiceStack. 

Do you have a comparison of these 2 frameworks? I want to keep ServiceStack.

I know that RemObjects is not message based, but rather RPC based.

The other developer is a Delphi developer who recently learned C#. His app is Delphi using RemObjects and there is talk about converting his product to .NET and now you see.

Sorry Bruce, never heard of RemObjects service framework, just had a quick scan of the website and am still not 100% sure of what it does or how it works. If it’s RPC based, it’s going to suffer a lot of the limitations of existing RPC service frameworks like WCF, see:

With ServiceStack’s message-based approach we can maximize the accessibility of your Service, i.e. it can be consumed from REST/HTTP with any of the different formats: JSON/XML/JSV/CSV/HTML/MsgPack/ProtoBuf as well as SOAP and MQ Clients.

It also includes rich metadata services describing your Service Contract in the metadata pages/XSD/WSDLs, Swagger UI and Postman client.

The new Add ServiceStack Reference feature provides a typed API for C# and F# clients (VB.NET’s available next release) using just a url (i.e. has same UX as WCF’s Add Service Reference) but even better because it only needs to generate the DTO’s which can be used in any of ServiceStack’s generic Service Clients (JSON/XML/JSV/MsgPack/ProtoBuf/etc), and since the Service Clients have PCL support they can be used on popular mobile platforms:

Bruce Hunter:

I looked at the site as well and it was confusing to determine exactly what they do. Seems they are all over the place. I do believe they are RPC based and I agree with you 100% Thanks for the input.