Built-in utility to create a DTO from a querystring

I guess in SS exist an awesome utility that create an instance of a given DTO from a querystring… could you please help me to locate it?

It wasn’t exactly developed as a re-usable component, but you can use the StringMapTypeDeserializer to create an instance of an object from a Dictionary of strings.

Whilst on the other side the QueryStringSerializer is used to serialize to a query string.

Thanks a lot! Starting from your hint, I finally used
I had to use HttpUtility.ParseQueryString from System.Web to create the name-value collection from the plain querystring: is there any built-in SS utils to do the same without have to reference System.Web (that provides HttpUtility.ParseQueryString)?

It’s ugly because we have to do jump through a number of humps got remove the System.Web dependency from PCL Clients in Pcl.NameValueCollectionWrapper.cs and still use System.Web when it’s available.

This can be accessed from:

INameValueCollection qs = PclExportClient.Instance.ParseQueryString(queryString);