Bundling ServiceStack with a Commercial Product


I am considering migrating my currently indie product to a commercial product, and licensing its use to businesses which wish to host the solution on-premise.

I would appreciate some advise or guidance on how best to approach paying for ServiceStack in a method which would allow me to do this. Components used which require licensing are Service DTOs, Requests/sec, OrmLite entities, Redis rate limiting.

Demis - you can find my email under my user account I assume if you wish to communicate directly.

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If this question answered here, it will be useful for me too.

Thank you

Best to answer licensing questions like this publicly so it can help others.

Can you be clearer on what the exact issue is? ServiceStack’s developer licenses are royalty-free so it already allows you to deploy anything you create with ServiceStack to unlimited clients at no additional cost or licensing. If you are developing a product you should use License Registration option b) and embed the license key with your App. When your product is registered with your developer license key it lifts all technical restrictions so you will no longer run into any free-quota limitations. Only if the business wants to modify or further develop your product (I.e. Building from source) will they need to purchase their own developer licenses, they won’t need to if they get you to make any changes they need and send them the redeployed product.

Please let me know if you have any other specific questions which I haven’t covered.

Perfect - this was exactly what I was looking for.

Thank you very much for your simple approach to licensing.