Can not generate all DTOs

This may be a bug.

  1. Use AutoQuery<QueryT,ResponseT>
  2. add reference in Xamarin Studio or Visual Studio (mobile solution)

Expected: QueryT and ResponseT are both generated
Actually: QueryT is not generated

You keep calling things Bugs which aren’t bugs. Does it still build? If it can, how could it possibly be a bug? Why does it still build? If you don’t understand how something works, investigate how it works, don’t just jump here calling everything bugs.

If you clicked on Go to Declaration of QueryBase or QueryResponse it will take you directly to where it’s defined.

This is by design, ServiceStack doesn’t generate built-in types that are already in ServiceStack.Client.

Of course can not build, I must add types by myself. I have add the snapshot, you can see they are red…however, I can work around it.

Just want to help improvement. It seems only you answer question here. why not let others answer the simple questions, that may let you feel easy.

The former AutoQuery bug i do not have time to dig into it and i still can not get right result, i just move to sql server instead sqlite to test, it seem you haven’t debug by tests “QueryXXX”.

please get DTO meta from here to investigate:

You post frequent low quality posts that are poorly described, lack context, research, requires further information and are generally time consuming to deal with.

From your description you say:

From that description I can only assume QueryBase<T> is not generated, and it’s not generated because it’s already defined in ServiceStack.Client. Given the quality of your other questions, I just assumed you haven’t bothered to Go to Declaration to find out where it is.

But I can now see that you instead meant the UV_Child DTO wasn’t generated, so I’ll investigate that…

Will do. But you should still respect others people time and spend the proper time to read the necessary documentation, research existing answers and investigate any issues yourself, which will help you better understand exactly what the issue is, and narrow it down to specifically the few lines of code that you don’t think are working as intended. i.e. Don’t just dump your entire Service implementation or link to your Solution and ask others to spend their time to figure it all out for you.

As an example of a quality issue, here’s the last Issue I submitted to an external project, notice the exact issue is clearly defined, it includes the relevant StackTrace (or logging), I spent the time to narrow it down to exactly where the issue is, provided a full isolated stand-alone repro of the issue (which can be run without any dependencies to external types they don’t have access to), and included my environment settings and all relevant versions of different libraries and software the code relies on which could affect the behavior.

This should be resolved from this commit, available from v4.0.43 that’s now on MyGet.

I find in the client do not need the QueryBase parameters, i do not get latest v4.0.43(my nuget is very slow to connect from western of China ), so i do not know if you fix the bug like this, just a advice. Thanks for your excellent work.

[Route("/answers/", "GET")]
public partial class QueryAnswers
    : QueryBase, IReturn<QueryResponse<AnswerResponse>>
    public virtual int QuestionId { get; set; }