Can we have an async PopulateSessionFilter?

can we get an async version of PopulateSessionFilter?

i usually need to query the db to load some more userinfo when authenticating with external oidc provider (jwt). although there are sync overloads, async is the way to go.

PopulateSessionFilterAsync is now available on JwtAuthProvider from this commit.

This change is available from v6.10.1 from our Pre Release NuGet Packages.

thanks a lot @mythz!

any chance we can get this also on NetCoreIdentityAuthProvider too?

sorry i was not specific enough. although i could also already use it on the JwtAuthProvider too. the NetCoreIdentityAuthProvider is still very useful e.g. when using other oidc providers.

Should now be available from the latest v6.10.1 that’s now in our pre-release packages feeds.

@mythz your reaction time is insane! love it!

thank you so much!!

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