Can you please help me upgrade my new OrmLite subscription to a full copy of ServiceStack?

Hey ServiceStack,

I am a new user of your products. I purchased the OrmLite license on 11/24. I quickly noticed how I needed to buy the other products as well. They. Are. AMAZING.

Can you please help me understand how to upgrade to the full package? I know I am supposed to cancel my current subscription but I was hoping I could apply the cost that I paid, just a few days ago, to the cost of the full package.

Let me know what to do so i can get building with these great tools!


I went ahead and cancelled my other subscription, per the instructions. I bought a new subscription for the full servicestack suite of products. Would it be easier to just refund my previous order to make up the difference?

My new license is LC-1375-SU3188-151201

I appreciate your help!

Thank you,

Hi Ryan, we’ve just issued a full refund with our Merchant provider Stripe for your previous order for Indie OrmLite.

Please note you can find the sales and licensing email on our pricing pages, e.g:

Thanks, you rockstar! I can’t wait to continue building apps with this framework. It is like a breath of fresh air! I have an Enterprise licensing purchase coming for you in the next couple of weeks. Just working through requirements and procurement.

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