Can you upload nuget assert

When I create a new vs project it auto update to neweast version(, so I hope you can update to ,so I can debug into source,

Yep no worries, they should now be published at:

3q! I have another problem: how use it? like 4.5.0 , it has ‘‘’’ I extract it and set pdb location to it,
so how to use ‘symbols.nupkg’?

We’ve got some docs on referencing NuGet packages symbols in the Debugging docs. You’ll want to add a reference to the folder containing the symbols packages.

just like pref post I follow the steps but can not debug into source ,

They’re basically the steps to debug NuGet package symbols, but I’ve had mixed experiences with them with some packages working, some not.

An alternative solution I’ve heard people debugging NuGet packages with is GitLink tho I’ve not tried it myself.

What works best for me is to Debug build the ServiceStack.sln from the source code on Github then modifying my project references to reference the Debug .dlls in the ServiceStack/bin/Debug folder or if I’m referencing ServiceStack.Server package ServiceStack.Server/bin/Debug.

I build my local clone of ServiceStack Github repo, but you can instead download the source code release of the version you’re interested and build that.

it is OK now , thank you!

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