Cannot Access Event Stream from SPA Application with FallBack Route


I am running a Vue.js SPA application on .net core (based on the VueApp Template form ServiceStackVS). I have registered the Redis Server Events Feature in the following manner :

within the spa application I am using the ServerEventsClient to attempt to connect to the event stream :

when this code runs, however it throws the following error :

if I copy and paste the URL call being made and try to run it in the browser, I am redirected back to the home page (courtesy of the Fallback Route).

It seems as if the Server Events endpoints are not being properly added (although there are no errors being thrown during start-up)

Any ideas what could be causing this?

figured it out - I assumed the registration for RedisServerEvents was a replacement for the original ServerEvents Registration. adding :

Plugins.Add(new ServerEventsFeature());

to my AppHost fixed the issue