Case insensitive parameters in ServiceStack?

My DTO’s use PascalCase, but the Postman ServiceStack metadata collection generator creates camelCase parameters for my requests. The parameters don’t seem to make it into my .NET service DTOs unless I alter Postman to use PascalCase instead of camelCase. Is there some way I can configure ServiceStack to accept either PascalCase or camelCase (or just make it case insensitive) and map them to my service DTO parameters when I call my services?

ServiceStack Text serializers (JSON/JSV/CSV), QueryString/FormData/etc are already case-insensitive.

Do you have an example of the raw HTTP Request and the C# DTO Types that it doesn’t map to?

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Upon further inspection this was an issue with postman configuration (it was not sending the parameter I believed it was). ServiceStack does indeed recognize both the PascalCase and camelCase parameter formats. Sorry to waste your time and thanks for your super quick response.

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