Change Service Name shown on locode

I was wondering if is possible to change name of services on the left menu for locode.


These are two autoquery (QueryDb<>) services with different autofilter attributes, so i would like to show them with a different name.

You could override the humanify() function in /wwwroot/modules/locode/custom.js which is used to render the table name, here’s the default impl:

function humanify(s) {
    return  !s || s.indexOf(' ') >= 0 ? s : ucFirst(splitTitleCase(s).join(' '))

But that’s not going to let you easily distinguish between the first and second API tables.

So you’ll likely need to override the built-in SidebarNav component and provide a custom label() function to return the preferred name for the operation:

    SidebarNav({ store, $on }) {
        return {
            $template: '#sidebar-nav-template',
            $on: $on || null,
            label(op) { return humanify( },
            getIcon: Meta.getIcon,

You should be able to add this custom component in /wwwroot/modules/locode/components/SidebarNav.html.

Thanks i will give it a try