Charles Wyandt - 182 - Feb 3, 2015

In the context of auto-mapping, are DTO properties case-sensitive? Can I use a DTO with the property “Name” to convert to an internal class type with the property “name”?

Michał Gajek:

that’s not probably much help but there’s a property JsConfig.EmitCamelCase if I remember the name correctly. AFAIR it works both ways in that case, i.e. the DTO POCOs properties (starting with Capital letter) are bound correctly to the values which are sent with camelCase JSON. I’d search the sources against EmitCamelCase :wink:

AutoMapping is case-sensitive but as public C# properties should be PascalCase it shouldn’t be an issue in Practice.

OTOH as +Michał Gajek mentions JSON Serialization is case-insensitive to cater for different property styles.