Chinese charactes are garbled in request


Please see following code

	var resp = client.PostFileWithRequest<dynamic>("http://localhost/docrecord/api/Documents/Upload", 
new FileStream(@"C:\Watch Folder\????????????(???????.pdf", FileMode.Open), 
new { FolderId = -1, Name = "????????????(???????", CategoryId = -100, Size = file.Length});

The chinese characters get garbled at service end to following.

That code is broken and ServiceStack only supports UTF-8.

What do you mean by “code is broken”? So, CJK characters are not possible through ServiceStack?

Can’t you see the code you posted in your question is broken?

Also ServiceStack doesn’t support dynamic in any of its APIs, the PostFileWithRequest<dynamic> is meant to contain the Response Type the response should deserialize into, if you don’t have one you need to use a Raw Response Type like string or byte[].

No just UTF-8.