"*.Client.dll not found" Error when building blazor-wasm template with Visual Studio 2022

Hi guys,

I am suddenly getting the following error when creating new blazor-wasm projects using “x new”, or downloading a blazor-wasm template from jamstacks.net :

Steps to reproduce:

  1. ensure that the x tool has the latest version :

  1. Install a new project using “x new” :

  1. Open the solution in VS2022
  2. Build the Solution

PS: I thought this might be an issue with my VS2022 installation - but I get the same error after running a “Repair” on the IDE :frowning:

Any ideas what might be happening?

EDIT : the following silent errors are occurring in the client application. Looks like the code template might have been updated, and the code is in a broken format?

It looks like you have the old v6.03 pre-release MyGet packages, can you try clearing out our NuGet cache to download the latest version:

$ nuget locals all -clear

that worked - thank you, sir

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