Comma in Route not routing

I have an external incoming link that I am trying to manage around but can’t seem to get it to work with Service Stack routing. Is there a way to define a route with a comma?


It won’t work as a global filter, typed filter, service etc unless that comma is removed from the route but that’s the route item I’m trying to address. Before looking at adding the url rewrite modue which I haven’t needed, is there a way to manage this in Service Stack?

Variable placeholders need to take up the whole path segment, remove the , and the rest of the path will match the wildcard Path* variable.

I know it works without the comma but the comma is there, the route doesn’t ever get recognized even if I hard code it: [Route("/bad/,/good")] never worked either.

The problem is I don’t have control of that incoming route and trying to get around it. I never could get it to work but it might not be a Service Stack issue as I couldn’t get the UrlRewrite middleware to even execute with it hard coded so I ended up having to write custom middleware at the top of the chain to catch it and redirect. I haven’t had time to research it further.