CompositeIndex with Uniqueness not being created

I have used the composite index in another project and it works just fine, in the current one however, the unique index is skipped silently on creation, as i found out today when my permissiosn system failed (duplicate roles were allocated to a user during an incorrect data migration operation).

For reasons beyond my control, I am just using Ormlite to create my schema while developing, while actually all long term db-access functionality will be in dapper (hence the use of the dapper/SimpleCRUD KEY attribute, in case that might be an issue?) Are there any other known conditions that would cause the multi-column unique constraint to not be created (failing/skipped silently?)

The previous (working) project created a table based on a single class, whereas this new logic creates a ResourceToRole : BaseTable , as follows:

[CompositeIndex(true, nameof(ResourceId), nameof(RecordState))]
public class ResourceToRole : TableBase
	public long ResourceToRoleId { get; set; }

	public long ResourceId { get; set; } 

	[NotMapped] [Reference]
	public Resource Resource { get; set; }

	public long AccessRoleId { get; set; } 

	[NotMapped] [Reference]
	public AccessRole AccessRole { get; set; }



// Base table that underlies ALL system tables, so as to gain access to record state, concurrency checks etc

public abstract class TableBase : IDbRecordState, IDbRowVersion
	/// <inheritdoc />
	public string RecordState { get; set; }

	/// <inheritdoc />
	[IgnoreInsert]      // is taken care of by MSSQL Server, must be excluded from Insert so that Dapper.SimpleCRUD library can work
	[IgnoreUpdate]      // is taken care of by MSSQL Server, must be excluded from Update so that Dapper.SimpleCRUD library can work
	//public ulong RowVersion { get; set; }
	[CustomField("RowVersion")]		// We make ServiceStack.Ormlite write out the column creation as RowVersion/Timestamp, but Dapper/EF needs it to be a byte[]
	public byte[] RowVersion { get; set; }

Do you have a stand-alone repro we can run locally to see the issue? Can’t do much with this partial code fragment.

I’m not aware of any issues where CreateTable doesn’t create the annotated Composite Index, what does the Generated SQL look like?

Sigh. I’m an idiot - sorry… It was a combination of looking at the wrong place, missing one of the values I required, and in general, going forward, think I will implement the “no questions near midnight” rule.

Apologies - all working now.