Conflicting System.ComponentModel.Annotations package references references in 5.7.0

When my ServiceStack packages to from version 5.6.0 to version 5.7.0, I ran into a problem building my solution due to a conflict regarding references to the System.ComponentModel.Annotations .dll. The ServiceStack.OrmLite.Core project references System.ComponentModel.Annotations 4.5.0 in both 5.6.0 and 5.7.0 versions, while ServiceStack.Core 5.7.0 introduces a reference to System.ComponentModel.Annotations 4.4.1.

We were able to resolve this conflict by explicitly referencing System.ComponentModel.Annotations 4.5.0 in our projects that did not reference ServiceStack.OrmLite.Core or a package that references it, so our problem is already effectively solved.

I just wanted to check if the difference in that references is intentional or a possible bug? Are all of these packages meant to be referencing the same System.ComponentModel.Annotations .dll?

I’ve gone through and consolidated the “System.ComponentModel.Annotations” package references to use the same latest 4.7.0 version for .NET Standard projects and used a Framework Reference for .NET Framework builds which should resolve the issue.

This change is available in the latest v5.7.1 that’s now available on MyGet.