Connection Pooling & Postgres

From reading this post: and this post:

Is it correct to assume that Pooling=false should be set for anyone using servicestack and ormlite?

I always use connection pooling=true for all RDBMS’s and we run PostgresSQL for and our Live Demos that use AWS RDS.

OrmLite doesn’t do any connection pooling itself, when it disposes the ADO.NET IDBConnection which the Npgsql ADO.NET provider returns the open connection to the pool behind-the-scenes. We did have some connection leaking issues with Npgsql but that hasn’t been the case for a long time. So I’d recommend leaving pooling on.

Yeah we’re seeing connection leaks and are trying to figure out where they are coming from, as the instances are all being disposed according to ref counters.

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I try to get as much sleep as I can but unfortunately my body is often in disagreement with this and keeps short-circuiting my sleeping patterns :slight_smile:

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