Connectionstring Firebird for shared database file


I’m using ORMLite with Firebird. My Database-File is accessible via Windows-Share on another Server. working with EF-Core works fine, but I can’t get the connection-string correct for ORMLite.

Attached the EF-Core Connection string and the resulting ORMLite-Exception:


Note: Firebird is an unofficial RDBMS provider that was initially contributed and supported by the outside community, as such we don’t provide any support for it, hopefully there are still active users in this forum that can help. but I can’t recall a Firebird post in a very long time.

I can’t speak to this issue, but the connection string is passed directly to FbConnection of the FirebirdSql.Data.FirebirdClient NuGet package:

These are the connection strings examples Firebird provide in their .NET Docs

ok, it seemed to be an issues with different Firebird-Libs, using the current lib and the current suggestions for the connection string worked - I don’t know for which version the string was that was provided by the old system (in my example).

So either way, using an unsupported lib is not an option for this project - so I have to go for the (painful) EF-Core route :expressionless: