ConvertTo<Interface> is it possible?

Will it be possible to use ConvertTo between class and Interface like my code sample below ?

When I hit the line response.IUser = user.ConvertTo();
I get ServiceStack.WebServiceException : Cannot create an abstract class.

I know it’s better to use dto class for service…
I have another project that I would like to use ConvertTo method between class and interface.

public object Get(UserRequest request)
    var response = new UserResponse();

    Rei4DUsers user = Db.Single<Rei4DUsers>(u => u.Email == request.EmailOrLogin);
    if (user is null)
        user = Db.Single<Rei4DUsers>(u => u.Login == request.EmailOrLogin);
    response.IUser = user.ConvertTo<IUser>();
    user = response.IUser.ConvertTo<Rei4DUsers>();
    return response;


No it’s not possible to create an instance of an interface or abstract type.

You can use Auto Mapping’s Populate* APIs to populate an existing instance, e.g:

response.IUser = new MyUser { ... }.PopulateWith(user);