Core 3.1 app self hosted as a service?

Maybe this is a stupid question, but once i have the executable for a netcore3.1 app working, what is the current recommended way to actually have this run all the time on a Windows box? i see there is an older template that targets .net as a service, but how do you recommend setting up a project created via:

x new selfhost

to run on a windows box on startup/as a service/whatever else the recommended approach is?

i looked through the docs and saw some mention of IIS and whatnot, but i am trying to work with .net core and something like running it as a windows service approach.


is it as simple as just following along with this?

Worker Service templates are normally for non Web Apps, we have some for different MQ providers, e.g. worker-redismq.

Note: in .NET Core all Web Apps are Console Apps. You’d typically host websites in IIS on Windows, but it looks like those docs cover how to wrap the Web App in a Windows Service.

no issues using IIS, but I just wanted to make sure that was the recommended approach