Custom key instead of "urn:iauthsession"?

I’m in the process of moving a few of our apps to use Redis session caching instead of In-Proc. For simplicity, I’d like to keep to all apps using the same db0 on Redis. I’m a little worried about multiple apps writing their own “urn:iauthsession:{SessionId}” which will be in the same namespace as other apps. Would there be a chance of conflicts? For safety, is there a way in SS to set a custom prefix for the key? That way, the apps could be separated like…


No there’s no way to change the built-in convention. The session ids use a random string, they have as much chance colliding in multiple apps as they do in the same app, i.e. extremely unlikely. If you’re worried about key collisions I’d be partitioning each app into their own redis database (or preferably instance).

Gotcha. I figure there wouldn’t be much chance of a collision but wanted to check. Thanks.