Custom Okta (OAuth) provider using temp session cookie

I modified some existing code (found here) to create an Okta OAuth provider. Almost everything is working as expected except the login session that is created is using the temporary ss-id (ss-opt = “temp”), and I want to change it so ss-opt = “perm”. We normally do this by setting RememberMe=true in our CredentialsAuthProvider but I’m not sure how to set this for (or within) a new provider.

On the response returned to the user/client you’ll need to call:


Are you going to make the Okta Auth Provider available? If it’s only a single class I’d love to include it in ServiceStack.dll, otherwise would be happy to announce it and link to your project on GitHub in Auth docs.

Thank you, your fix worked.

I will consider making the class available (will need some cleanup first, too many references to other code in my project. Bad programmer!).