Dapper TableValueParameter methods current unavailable in CORE

I know that previously, .NET Standard didnt support DataTables, and so I am guessing that that is why the AsTableValuedParameter methods are commented out here

But given that Core now supports data tables, and thus, Dapper supports datatables, could that build exclusion condition be removed from SS Ormlite so that SS is able to make use of TVP.

I am currently using this functionality to do some big WHERE IN statements (where the current SQL parameter max of 2100 would be hit and the db call crash, i can now pass in a SELECT FROM WHERE IDS IN (select * from tvp)), but I am currently forced to revert to installing Dapper nuget and then explicitly using that library for such db calls, rather than use SS.Ormlite everywhere.

I’ve upgraded the embedded version of Dapper to the latest version in this commit, so those APIs should now be available in .NET Standard 2.0 builds.

This change is available from v5.0.3 that’s now available on MyGet.

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