Dapr project and ServiceStack?

This looks like a very interesting project announced by Microsoft

I’m wondering if there is any thought of making ServiceStack compatible with this.

First the state of the project:

Note: Dapr is currently under community development in alpha phase.

So it’s a long way off before if will know if it will even be successful in the market or something that will be forgotten in a few years.

From the looks of its starting configuration it looks like another http-less generic host like Worker Services so you should be able to take the same approach as the new worker service templates, i.e. configure your App in a GenericAppHost which you can then execute ServiceStack Services using the ServiceController from within your Actor.

So there should be nothing for ServiceStack to do to support it. If it’s proven popular and there’s enough demand we can look at taking the same approach as gRPC and adopt conventions to autogenerate the bindings to your ServiceStack Services, but it’d need to be very well adopted in order to take higher priority over everything else.

As always submit any feature requests to User Voice so demand for the feature can be measured and subscribers notified of any updates.