Dart client Encrypted Messaging

Any plans to implement the Encrypted Messaging client for Dart/Flutter too?

No. If there’s no feature request for it, there’s no consideration to implement it, esp. for a niche feature like this which requires high effort and would deliver low impact, so would have the lowest priority.

TypeScript and Java have a lot more usage than Dart so a niche features like Encrypted Messaging would be prioritized for those languages first, but there’s been no demand on those langs/platforms either.

When I have the spare capacity the next feature slated for Dart would be for an SSE client, which I’m hoping to be able to enable over gRPC if Dart’s implementation is compatible with ASP .NET’s gRPC + protbuf-net serialization.

Ok I understand. I added it to the feature requests nevertheless. I think Flutter is a big thing and will be in the future, so the Dart client will get more interest