Dart client mapping issue List of Enum entries


I have an issue with the dart client (mapping from json to dtos), when a property type is List<SomeEnumType>. It looks like the mapper doesnt know that the list is of type List<SomeEnumType> and tries to work as if its List<String> since enum values come as list of strings from the backend. I didnt find anything related to list of enums in the documentation (https://docs.servicestack.net/dart-add-servicestack-reference). What am I missing here?


It looks like Dart doesn’t support serializing enum’s to/from JSON natively, going to have to investigate into some potential work arounds. You’d need to use String’s in the meantime, you should be able to just rename your Dart DTOs Enum properties to String properties as the wireformat would be the same for a C# Enum.

This should now be supported from the latest servicestack v1.0.10:

  servicestack: ^1.0.10
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Thanks for adding support! This is really awesome :smiley:. Much appreciated.