Debug CS code for SS+React spa template

I am following CLI dev workflow. Seems to have issue with attaching process and get to step into my CS code. How would I setup so that I could step into my code to debug?
Any pointers would be helpful and appreciated.

Don’t understand, there’s nothing in ServiceStack libraries that prevents debugging, it’s as normal, i.e. Start a debug session in Debug mode (i.e. Debug build) then set a break point.

Ok - switched to VS code and it works, Visual Studio was giving me issues !

Visual Studio is generally a poor choice for SPA development as it lacks proper support for SPA web formats and multi terminal support, I’m also running into issues where I can no longer step debug in VS because it thinks I’ve made an edit and will refuse to continue without restarting the debug session.

I find JetBrains Rider has the best overall C# development experience, although VS Code does have best class support for all front-end SPA formats (e.g. .jsx / Vue SFC, etc) since it seems to be the editor that all SPA frameworks prioritize first class support for, otherwise Rider is a close second. Occasionally I’ll use VS Code for front-end UI development and Rider for back-end C#, otherwise just Rider as VS Code has nowhere near the C# support in JetBrains Rider or ReSharper.


The debug edit issue annoyed me beyond belief too. They fixed it in the 16.4 update, though.

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