Default bool value on UI hidden

I just noticed on /UI if a bool value is false the property is removed from the json entirely but on the raw response from the endpoint the property is there. Caused a bit of confusion, not sure if it’s a bug or not.

Are you referring to a bool on the request from the UI or something else? Is a bit hard to follow what you might be referring to.

The build in /ui API Explorer uses its own JS config settings to ensure consistency with generated UIs, so defaults like null or default values not being shown might be specific or different from your API. Any more details you can highlight, I might be able to better understand the issue.

OK that makes sense, if the api explorer has it’s own fixed config then it explains the discrepancies. I would argue to mimick that default from project though as if you are using api explorer to document an api it becomes inaccurate if it doesn’t match. Not a big deal, just a minor quibble.