Delayed tasks with tabbitmq rabbitmq-delayed-message-exchange plugin

I know that in the near future I’m gonna add a queue service to my app, most likely rabbit mq.
Until I do that, I have the need to create a manageable delayed task. Execute in a certain time or trigger via the UI.
There is this plugin for RMQ

Can I operate with SS? if so, how?

This is an external 3rd Party library that doesn’t have anything to do with ServiceStack, it’s your responsibility for how it’s used in your Services, typically the way most functionality is generally used these days is that you would register its dependencies in the IOC and access it in your Services or Controllers, but you’d need to check with each project if that’s how they intend their library to use and what dependencies you should register.

Do you think I need the low level api for that? if so, does SS has anything with that?

Low level API for what? I don’t know what you’re asking, this library isn’t in anyway related to ServiceStack.