Demis Bellot - 475 - Feb 28, 2014

Offline for a while:

It’s moving day today, which looks like I’ll be without Internet for a couple of days, depending on what time they come to connect the Internet at the new place. I’ll look at questions when I’m back online.

Have a good weekend!

Binu Thayamkery:

Good luck with your move :slight_smile:

Stephen Brannan:

No one gave you permission to be offline! Go to a Starbucks or use a LTE device… :stuck_out_tongue: Good luck on the move :slight_smile:

Ryan Britton:

Good luck with the move, Demis! We’ll try to keep the place tidy till you get back…

Fredrick Lackey:

We should all just show up and start loading the truck for him.  He’d be done in no time.  Plus, think how much free time he’d have to fill out restraining orders.  :P

Scott McArthur:

Hope the move goes well.

ok finally able to replug back in, still got a tonne of unpacking to do but at least I’m reconnected with the world :slight_smile: