Deserialization of JSON content in multipart/form-data request

I’m working on a project that started off using ServiceStack 3, and shortly after we started, I ran into an issue handling JSON content in multipart/form-data requests. I did a thorough investigation and posted my findings on stackoverflow, but never got a response, so we implemented a workaround and moved on. We recently purchased a license and upgraded to ServiceStack 4, and I had hoped that perhaps multipart/form-data handling might have been improved, but the same issue appears to be present.

Could someone shed some light on whether my original issue is a known bug / lack of functionality? Also on the Client side, there are no APIs to support multiple files in a multipart/form-data request. Is there any chance either of these might be addressed in the near future? Or is multipart/form-data not widely-used enough to justify the effort?


If you think this is a bug can you submit a stand-alone failing test we can run locally to repro the issue to: