DeserializeFromString<T> in Blazor (Mono-WASM) throws exception browser-side

What is the status of the ServiceStack.Text JSON serializers for use in Dot Net Core 3.0 Preview 5? Specifically when used in a C# Blazor host project that runs under the Mono-WASM runtime in a browser (Client-Side Blazor)?

I’ve been successful using the SS Services in SS middleware, hosted in Kestrel, in Preview 5. I have had problems with the SS JSON deserializer in a Blazor-hosted project that runs on Mono-WASM in a browser (fails in latest Chrome, Firefox, and Edge browsers).

I put together a minimal demonstration gist that exhibits an issue with JsonSerializer.DeserializeFromString<T>. It won’t deserialize complex data types with two or more properties when executed browser-side. Then while researching the history of the newest JSON bits in 3.0, I came across “The future of JSON in .NET Core 3.0” [] . After reading your comments on that issue,and studying the issue (still open) I thought that before I spent more time working on the gist, I’d simply ask, generally, if ServiceStack.Text.JsonSerializer.DeserializeFromString<T> in Version 5.5.1 from the SS MyGet feed should work in a Blazor client-side project (Mono-WASM runtime in a browser), or if there are known issues? Would a gist with reproducible errors help? Building a Client-Side Blazor project does require an experimental development setup, but I’ve detailed instructions in the gist on creating the development environment (for Preview 5).

Also - do you have plans to support the C# SS client on Mono-WASM? I would sure love to simply use the C# client on Core 3.0 under Mono-WASM. I’d like to build on the SSE event support that the strongly-typed clients provide between the client and the SS middleware host.

I’ve never used Blazor to be able to tell you if there are any issues, ideally which .NET runtime is used should be transparent unless there are limitations with the runtime. But that’s rarely the case in .NET, there’s always different limitations and compatibility issues across each.

Not going to support a preview build until it’s officially released and supported, but after it’s released I’ll look into support for Mono-WASM as well.

Thanks for your response, and I completely understand the reasons for waiting for official release. There ARE(currently) known limitations of Mono-WASM runtime in a browser vs. the full CLR on Windows, and these may be the underlying reasons for the issues I’m seeing. I’ll keep using SS “Server-side”, and will stub out the use of SS “client-side”, until 3.0 is in official release.