Detect if field is not valid

Hi all!
Which is the best way to detect if the field in:

Db.Where<T>(field, value);

doesn’t exists?
Can I try-catch the exception otherwise?

Thank you.

OrmLite doesn’t provide a formal API to access a tables schema.

What behavior did you get when trying to access a non-existent field?

It rise an Sql.Exception that I can catch with try-catch; I just want to know if there were better way to test a valid field.

It’s dependent on each RDBMS, the only attempt at a common solution across major RDBMS’s is the INFORMATION_SCHEMA view:

You can also access the Schema using the ADO.NET GetSchemaTable API:

But these aren’t formal API’s in OrmLite. You can use custom SQL API’s to query INFORMATION_SCHEMA or access the underlying ADO.NET Connection with:

var sqlConn = (SqlConnection) db.ToDbConnection();