Did the Post call changed when using SS.Client.Core?

I’m trying some code in LinqPad and I’ve imported ServiceStack.Client.Core (so I can later upload into AWS Lambda) but LinqPad throws an error when I use .Post for authentication:

	public IServiceClient CreateAndAuthenticate()
		_client = new JsonServiceClient(ApiSettings.ApiUrl);

		_client.Post<HttpWebResponse>(new ServiceStack.Authenticate
			UserName = ApiSettings.Username,
			Password = ApiSettings.Password,
			RememberMe = true

		return _client;

Did something changed when using .Core package? Or this package will only work in a .NET Core project and can’t run alone?

This should be fixed with this and this commits. This change is in ServiceStack.Client.Core v1.0.37 and is available on NuGet

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