Different results with /<ClassName> POST and /json/reply/Store<ClassName> POST

I’m getting an error with POST’ing to:


but not when I change the URL to


Your JsonServiceClient class apparently uses the /json/reply URL

Why would there be a difference in the backend when these 2 URL’s are used?

Please post the full HTTP Request/Response Headers when reporting integration issues. Also include the relevant C# DTOs for the Store<ClassName> and the Request DTO with the /<ClassName> Route that you’re reporting issues with.

/json/reply/{Request} is a pre-defined Route which all Service Clients except for .NET Service Clients use, which can use matching user-defined routes if exists.

I’m not reporting issues just wondering why there would be different results from /ClassName and /json/reply/ClassName.

I can’t tell you what the issue is until you provide details of the actual issue and the definition of the relevant C# Request DTOs.

/route is a user-defined route which can map to any Request DTO, /json/reply/{Request} maps to the {Request} DTO.